A good teapot can be hard to find. Along with aesthetics, you’ll want a good pourer and one that keeps the heat in for as long as possible. Depending on what kind of tea drinker you are, there are several other things to take into account; green tea calls for quite a different pot than your everyday cuppa.

The basic oolong tea set consists of just five utensils - a tea tray, a teapot, a strainer, a serving pot, and tea cups, but there are many accessories that can be used to bring out the art and precision of tea brewing.

The term “tea set” usually refers to a set of dishes used for formal tea parties. Although any set of matching tea cups and tea pot could be referred to as a tea set, formal tea sets consist of a porcelain or sterling silver tea pot and matching cups, saucers, creamer and sugar bowl.

Gong fu tea sets consist of a tray or bowl for capturing water and tea, a small tea pot, a serving pot, several small handle-less tea cups, a scoop for the tea, prongs for removing used tea leaves, long slender cups for capturing the aroma of the tea, and a tea cloth for drying the bottom of the cups before serving. VIDEO

Each tea cup has its own personality and “feel.” Perhaps that’s why tea lovers like to have a selection of tea cups on hand. There is a perfect tea cup for every occasion.

Tea kettles can be objects of esthetic beauty and can add an extra level of enjoyment when brewing a cup of tea.

There are countless ways to make tea. Almost every tea lover will insist, however, that tea be made in tea pots.